Froggyware GmbH

Froggyware consists of a team of fully committed professional entrepreneurs who believe in new innovative ideas through mobile applications.


Memories: Photo Book Creator

Memories has been designed to allow you to quickly & easily create a photo book on the go.

Available in Google Play Store

Hay Fever Diary

The ultimate Hay Fever Diary!

Hay Fever Diary allows you to track you allergy.

Available in Google Play Store

Sleep Diary

Grumpy Mornings Are History With Sleep Diary!

Get a better start to the day using your Android device to wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Available in Google Play Store


Stock-O-Meter is your quintessential stock market buddy.

Remain informed to the market price changes with stock price alerts and notifications.

Individual notification rules for stock in your portfolio get alerted directly on your Smartphone when stock prices hit determined low or high values. Keep piece of mind as Stock-O-Meter does all the hard work. Stock-O-Meter is your stock price alarm clock.

Available in Google Play Store

Headache Diary Pro

The keeping of a headache diary is a recommended practice to help detail the characteristics of personal headaches, including triggers and remedies. The headache diary is a tool that can help you tracking your headaches and generate detailed reports for your health care provider.

Available in Google Play Store